Guardian Roof Installation Guide

The transformation journey of your old conservatory to an all year round usable room

Day One

We start your conservatory conversion by firstly protecting your floor and window cills whilst the other Team Guardian member checks the measurements one final time.

We commence by completely removing your old conservatory roof. Depending on the age, size and roof type, some conservatories take a little longer than others to dismantle especially if you have an existing glass roof. Once your old roof, rafters and ring beam has been removed we clean the tops of your windows frames of any debris or old silicone ready for the new Guardian Warm Roof.

We begin your new tiled conservatory roof by adding the new Guardian ring beam to your existing frames, erect the hips, spars and ridge beam. Once this is secured together we apply the new roofing plywood and secure to the Guardian aluminium structure.

We then wrap the new roof in a breathable felt membrane which provides us with the first layer of weatherproofing.

Day Two

On day two of the Guardian Roof installation we continue with the external part of your conservatory transformation. We begin with adding soakers against your house wall and begin tiling the exterior with your choice of Guardian Slate or Metrotile shingles.

At this point we will where required cut a new lead chaser and apply the new lead.

Once tiled we will add all the Guardian slate or Metrotile ridges, any trims that's required and fix your new gutters onto the ring beam. To complete the external part of your roof we add new down pipes and seal all external joints.

Your roof is now 100% watertight.

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Day Three & Four

Now the outside has been completed we can concentrate on the inside. We begin by adding the first fix 40mm Kingspan insulation to the roof, leaving an air space above, between the insulation and the ply to ensure adequate air flow and prevent condensation. We fill any gaps with insulating foam.

The second layer of 25mm Kingspan insulation can now be added. Each sheet is separated with a batten of 25mm roofing batten which is covered by foiled back tape before being covered over. Any cable for lighting is added at this stage.

The final part of the insulation is now added at this stage. The 72mm insulated plasterboard is screwed to the battens added earlier and cut outs for down lights are inserted. Your Guardian roof is now ready for skimming.

Day Five

This is the last day of your installation. The roof has been completed and all that's left is for the plasterer to skim the roof.

Depending on the size and shape of your conservatory, skimming will usually take a day but could take longer if your conservatory has a box gutter or is particularly large. Once the plasterer has finished our electrician will connect up your lights, test the circuit and fit any down lights into the wholes that were cut before skimming.

The new Guardian roof should dry out within seven to ten days and then can be decorated.

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